On August 23rd and August 26th 2019 the English area celebrated The English Day at Pompilio Martinez School. The objective was to improve the different skills of language taking as a main theme the Decades from sixties to now. This is a really charming event for the whole community and it was successful because the students were involved in the activities enjoying living the English use in context.

There was a flag rising where the best students were acknowledged because of their achievements during the year. Thereupon we had a Spelling contest. In the A category the winner was Diego Sarmiento; category B July Romero and special participation of the teachers where the winner was the teacher Oscar Adame.

One of the favorite activities for the kids was a Fashion since the students could participate. They wore really cool outfits and exposed about it. Also, the students made performances showing the knowledge about different aspects like culture, politics, music, dance and famous people using the English as a tool to communicate with the audience. In brief, this was a great activity where students and teachers enjoyed English Language.